Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are You the Bwaaaaain Specialist?

The Original:

Thomas as Mr. Gumby:

And Maureen ponders her son's future.

-- Fritz


GD said...

Tell us about Thomas' haircut! It looks great.

Bauerweeney said...

Thomas's haircut is courtesy of our friend Marianne.

Anonymous said...

You people have become even more strange than when you left. Hope we can recognise you when we arrive. I am the same handsome & loveable fellow you left so you will recognise me if I don't recognise you. Love to all strange people, Papa/Dad

Anonymous said...

hahaha. wowo. thomas officially looks like a tard.

and his hair is all gone!

did you all hear? IM BLONDE! its crazah.

did you meet up with the chellos?