Monday, March 10, 2008

Nothing to Blog

I have been told to blog but I can't think of anything.
This is my case that there is nothing to blog:
  • All I've done in the past three days is read three books. They were good books called The Roman Mysteries but still -- Sophie is the only one that normally reads like that. I would suggest them. They are about four kids in 1st century Rome who solve mysteries.
  • I also did some schoolwork.
  • The only other fun thing I did was watch the completely not over the top movie "Live Free or Die Hard." The only crazy thing that happened was that one guy first kills three people with big guns with one pistol and gets shot once then takes out a helicopter with a car and gets shot again. Takes out another helicopter with a fire hydrant. Then gets shot twice and then jumps onto a moving jet plane. Then shoots the bad guy through himself.
So life isn't so great in Rome.
Denis, the Majority

It is actually great, just got to appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Denis, Help is on the way! The Gang of Two arrives on the 4th. Be sure to read your mother's e-mail. Glad to hear you are reading and doing school work. If you are to become President you need a good education. Things are not too exciting here either. We had 2 feet, that's FEET, of snow last weekend at the Lake! Great fun. Love to 1 & all from the traveling Papa/Dad