Friday, April 18, 2008

Defend the Fort

Two days ago my dad and I went to Castel Sant Angelo. First we went through a tunnel that led to the mausoleum of the Emperor Hadrian. Then we went into the mausoleum.

Then we saw the urns that the burnt emperors were put in, but I am yet to be burnt.

This is what they would shoot at enemies.Then we got a nice view.

Then we got a nicer view.
Then we got the best view.
Then we saw the angel on top and he was really big.
Then we saw the angel that was on top first. He was a better fighter.

Then my dad, being my dad, had to go into every church he sees, and the Medici chapel counted.

Then we went on the wall.

Then we saw a blacksmiths shop that, of course, had a cannon.

Then we saw the she-wolf graffitied on the side of the Tiber.
Then I was Romulus.


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Anonymous said...

xjswalgzeuIts easy to defend the fort when no one is atacking! Very good report, glad your not dust yet. Have a safe trip home so you can defend Bemus Point this summer. Love to 1 & all & all fort defenders. Papa/Dad