Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wonderful, revolting cheese

Just thought we'd share with you the repulsive-looking lump of thoroughly delicious cheese we had for breakfast this morning -- a "rustic" goat cheese that was wonderful once you took a deep breath and convinced yourself to put something that icky and slimey-looking in your mouth. Mmmm.



Anonymous said...

I'm hurt! You never served that cheese to me when I was there, I only got the standard fare. Am home safe & sound & off to the Lake to recooperate in preparation for my trip to Cambridge. Clayt & I had a wonderful visit, am only sorry it was so short. Love to 1 & all & the cheese maker. Papa/Dad

GD said...

Glad you'll are acquiring a taste for ripe cheese. Now when you visit you can share my store of Limburger and aged Camembert/Brie.