Friday, April 4, 2008


When we went to see Pompeii with my dad's students and Dr. Flusche the ancient art and architecture teacher. We first went to the large theatre which was used for plays. Most theatres used for plays had a fake palace facade so it would set the scene for many of the plays. Then we went to the small theatre which was used for musical performances. After that we went to an ancient bar. The wine sure had fermented. Then we went to the door of a big house of a senator. Then Dr. Flusche told us about how being an ancient Roman senator was like being an ancient Tony Soprano. When you do somone a favor they owe you a favor. Then we went to the forum. It was alot like the forum in Rome but much smaller (and if Vesuvius erupts and you want to watch, go there). Finally we went to the house of the fawn. It was really big.

Denis, The Buried in Ash Majority of Doom

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Denis, good report on Pompeii. Papa is like the senator & the Godfather if he does a favor for you, you owe him one. Love to 1 & all & the senator, Papa/Dad