Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lenardo da Vinci

On Wednesday we went to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit and we saw many cool machines. He often used the six simple machines (lever, wedge, screw, pulley, inclined plane, and wheel and axel) to make his inventions.

This invention used stones to measure distance:

It is designed to drop stones at regular intervals into a bucket and when you're done you count the stones.

This is a model of a tank:
This tank was manned by eight men. This is very cool.

This is a machine gun Leonard da Vinci designed:
You would put in bullets in the holes between the wheels. Then you would turn a crank and it would fire.

This is a flying machine that didn't work. The wings we supposed to flap:
We made it look like Sophie was attached, but she wasn't.

Here I am looking like I'm breaking the rules. . .. . . but I'm not really.

Leonardo da Vinci was AWESOME!!!!

Denis (aka the Majority)


Papa/Dad said...

da Vinci is awsome. Denis we saw the World War 2 exhibit in New Orleans, it to was cool. Glad you are enjoying Rome although I was surprised that you overthrew the government after being there such a short time

Aunt Meg said...

Great post, Den! The stone counter seems especially awesome.

richard said...

Hi,i am from another country,far from yours.The exhibit that you visited was really very interesting!The pictures are very nice too!That place must be really interesting!