Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Settling in

I'll let Sophie (or others) give more of the details of the day, but I successfully rode two different buses to get to the real estate agent's office to sign our apartment contract today. I am very proud of this -- especially since I knew enough about where I was to get off and walk the last 15 minutes after a car accident COMPLETELY stopped traffic.

The kids and I went exploring later and saw an amazing moonrise over the city from the Gianicolo, one of the seven hills of Rome, just behind our new house. And I made the kids decipher the symbols and signs on the monuments to Anita and Guiseppe Garibaldi to figure out who they were, so they've learned a little Italian history and we can count our walk as school! La vita e veramente bella.


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Anonymous said...

Cara Maureen (and other Bauerweeneys), Great blog, I love the pictures and envy you a little bit (I imagine living in Rome for 3 months and being able to practice my Italian, visit those awesome places again...). When I saw you were living in Trastevere, not too far from Ponte Sisto, it almost felt familiar. We always have the bus drop the Loyola students off at Ponte Sisto...
Tanti saluti! Christel