Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our First Day

When I woke up, or more was woken up by my dad, to help fix the jet lag by geting me on Roman time, I lay in bed for awhile, got up and had breakfast. Later I was leaning out the window and a random Italian saw me and said "Ciao" and I responded "Ciao". Then Sophie and my dad went to the market. They came home and my dad cooked funky pasta. We think it was made of potato; anyway it was thick and undercooked, or if you would like to be polite, extremely al dente. After lunch Sophie, Thomas, my mom and I went to the Gianicolo or Janiculum. We saw a wonderful sunset and moon rise. Then Thomas, Sophie and I tried to figure out who Guiseppe and Anita Garibaldi were. We had a dinner of bread, cheese, and sandwiches of an unknown origin (the airplane). We went out for gelatto and God saw that it was good.

Denis A.K.A The Majority (Rules)


Mike said...

Hey Den!

What an awesome post! I love your writing style! Radical, Dude! Keep up the writing!!!

Uncle Mike

Aunt Meg said...

Ciao, Denis!

I loved your funny [and polite] post! Who, by the way, were Guiseppe and Anita Garibaldi? What flavor was your gelato? Have you had any pizza yet?

Enjoy being on Roman time [I’m jealous],
Aunt Meg