Monday, January 21, 2008

Well, Here We Are

Our departure from Baltimore went smoothly, except Sophie forgot Big Tiger, who has been her near-constant companion for the past decade or so. Fortunately our friends Anne and Ella, who had helped take us to the airport, did a quick run back to our house and rushed BT to the terminal. It's a good thing too, since BT was instrumental in Sophie catching an hour or so of sleep during our layover at Heathrow.
When we arrived in Rome we crammed into the van that we had arranged to pick us up (it's amazing how little something can be and still qualitfy as a "van" in Europe) and headed off for our home for the next three months: the Vicolo di Bologna, which Maureen insists is translated "Baloney Alley." As small as the van is, it can't fit down our street. So we unload in the square that the alley runs off of and stand around for a bit. . .
. . .then we head off, schlepping our bags down our new street:
. . . and found our apartment, which is on its own little "mini piazza."
We'll post more soon, but now we need food and bed.



Trent said...

What is Den doing in that picture? Practicing kung fu? He looks likes he's about to blast off or something.

(Glad y'all made it okay!)

With love,

KOB said...

It looks like a pretty cool place to live. I notices a Smart Car in teh pic, too!


GD said...

yall look cold -- hope the place is heated.

Ella said...

mm..Sophie looks very comfy