Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bufala (*squeal!*)

Last weekend, we went (on the way back from the Bay of Naples) to a "Bufala" farm, where water buffalo are raised and their milk is used to make bufala mozzarella.
Our tour began in the last stages of the mozzarella making process, then moved back, so we went first to the room where the milk is turned into cheese and the cheese is salted and packaged. After that, we moved on to the animals, where Denis got sneezed on by a buffalo.

Every time we moved on to a new group of animals, a large number of the college students (always girls, I believe) squealed. First we saw the milkable cows- buffalo cows, not the black and white variety (squeal). After that, we saw the pregnant cows (slightly louder squeal) and the first time pregnant cows (still louder and shriller squeal).

Next came the 6 month old babies (squeals so loud and frequent that the poor buffalo were rather startled), then the 3- to 15-day-olds (you guessed it- squeals).
After the buffalo, we visited the piglets, then sat down to a huge and delicious lunch (consisting, as all proper Italian meals do, of an appetizer, pasta course, meat course, and desert).

After lunch, we got to wander around for a while (Denis and I raced through a field of knee high grass and visited the horses and donkeys), then we got back on the bus and left.


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Anonymous said...

Sophie. nice report, hope there is a see- squeal! That's a joke, please laugh. One of the pigs would be right at home at Bemus & you could add 1 to the pigs you counted when you were here last. Can't wait for summer and your arrival! Love & squeals to 1 & all and the piglets, Papa/Dad