Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Last Night in Rome

Tonight we joined the students and other teachers in the Loyola/CUA Rome program to say goodbye to Rome.
We are anxious to see everyone back in Baltimore (especially Dijle), but we are sad to be leaving our home on Baloney Alley:
As we learned when we left Belgium, in such situations mixed feelings are the best possible scenario: sad to be leaving where you are, but happy to be returning to where you were.
And now for a little sleep, before our 5:30 AM cab to the airport.



Anonymous said...

Welcome to the States. I know this response wont reach you while your still in Rome. I will miss the Blog & wonder if we should start a family blog. Some thing to consider. Call when time permits Love to 1 & all & Dijle, Papa/Dad

GD said...

Welcome home -- see you in May. The Blog has been wonderful and made me feel I was with you all the way.

Anonymous said...

I truly loved the blog. I felt as if I were there visiting with you. Everyone wrote wonderful blogs and the photographs were excellent. I will miss reading them...thanks again for sharing.
Russ "John the Evangelist" Eidson