Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ostia Antica

On Saturday the 17th, with my friend Ella from Baltimore, and then again on Sunday the 24th, with our friends Nathan, Tim and Bethany from Belgium, we went to the ancient Roman seaport town called Ostia Antica, which was more or less abandoned at the end of the 4th century as the river silted up.

Among the highlights were an open tomb full of jars for ashes,

an extreemely well preserved bar,

the piazzale of corporations, which had mosaics identifying what the corporations did,

several baths with impressive mosaic floors,
an amphitheater,

and a tower with a view of the tiber and much of the town.



Lisa from Next Door! said...

Nice Sofie!

I really like the flooring and the Roman 'advertising'!!

Is there anyone still serving at the bar, by any chance!!

Anonymous said...

Great report! We have the same kinds of things in Bemus Point. Businesses that advertise, bars that are still open, cans full of ashes & silt when the lake is low. Bemus doesn,t have an amphitheater, but we do have a floating stage. Don't think Bemus is quite as old as Ostia Antica. Love to 1 & all & visitors Papa/Dad