Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Days At The Market

I can't put in any images because I am on the pictureless computer. We went to the market at the Campo de' Fiori. Anyway, we had fun and the only thing that went wrong today was that when my mom touched some random vegetable and a scary lady yelled at us. We then got some eggplant. Yesterday we went to the market and the only bad thing that happened that day was that we walked by some fish and it really stunk. I tried to pay with only coins but I couldn't do it even though coins have much more value here in the E.U.


GD said...

Denis, could you elaborate on the value of the Euro? I could understand a merchant not wanting to be burdened with coins, but in what fashion are coins more valuable than script?

Bear with the economist in me.

Anonymous said...

Denis, What did the scary lady look like? Maybe she was my grandma. She always yelled at me when I touched her meatballs.


Anonymous said...

I could smell the fish from here!Save your coins for Some thing else! Havn't heard much about schooling. Is your mother being a stern task master? Does Sophie have a Birthday wish? maybe she & Thomas want to buy their own gifts there. Let me know & I'll provide the cash. Love to 1 & all Papa/Dad