Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday, I gave Denis and his visiting friend, Nathan Miller, the language arts/social studies assignment of writing a poem in 6 couplets about a feat of ancient Roman engineering. Here is the result, along with a photograph from our recent trip to the ruins of the ancient Roman port city of Ostia Antica.

Roman Toilets

by Denis Bauerschmidt Sweeney
and Nathan Miller

When you need to wee wee

You see a bathroom -- whoopee!

You have no modesty,

Less than in the Odyssey.

The pipes are made of lead

So you'll find yourself dead.

In there it was so cold

There may have been mold.

Where would be all the poo

If there were no sewer below you?

The world is full of so many gross things,

We Romans will never be kings.

We hope you have enjoyed this literary moment. -- Maureen


Lisa from Next Door! said...

What, I'm the first today??!!

Dennis!! Hello! finally found the blog site and I am catchng up, buthad to comment> Trust you to find a place where no one else can or would go!!

Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

The poetry was passable the subject was not!(pun intended)We have much better facilaties in Bemus Point. Home schooling may leave something to be desired. (pun intended)Love to Poets & all, Papa/Dad ps. I suggest Thomas & Sophie may want to spend $100 for thier birthdays in Italy. Let me know.