Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Morning Varia

This morning we went to Mass at Santa Sabina, up on the Aventine hill.
The Church, a 5th century basilica, is surrounded by wonderful Orange trees, which were supposedly brought to Rome from Spain by St. Dominic.

The view of the city is spectacular.

Sophie demonstated how to drink from a Roman water fountain.

Back home in Trastevere we enjoyed looking at some of the local fauna.

I'm thinking about a career in wildlife photography.



Anonymous said...

You call that wildlife? I'd put one of our Baltimore alley critters up against those eye-tye scavengers any day! (I'm talking about the rodents -just to be clear.)

Papa/Dad said...

For now I'd keep my day job if I were you. The photography, I must say, is very good. We had about 18 inches of snow at the Lake with temps at 5 above, with wind chill at -8, so enjoy your good fortune. I drove for 15 miles in a white out and did not like it much. Back in Pgh. Am working most of this week! Such a hard life! Love to 1 & all Papa/Dad

GD said...

I hope you all are not missing out completely on the Barack Obama phenomenon sweeping the American scene.